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Day 2

By October 20, 2013March 30th, 2019No Comments

Another day of climbing, another puncture…..

Some weary bodies from Group 3 were up bright and early this morning to ensure that we got on the road at 7.30am. The gun sounded and we were off from Leeds to Manchester, via the Pennines. However one steep climb and a puncture 3 miles in whilst going downhill did nothing to boost my own spirits as my tired legs kicked into action. Again thanks to the mechanic for coming to my rescue.

Day 2 brought about a lot of climbs and a lot of downhills but it was all combined with some breathtaking scenery, especially from the top of Holme Moss. This was a tough climb for us amateurs but I am sure it will pose no problems when the professionals ride it during the Tour de France in 2014. Congratulations to a few members of our group who climbed it well, including Mark Wallace, Sarah Bell and former Welsh prop forward, Andrew Lewis who showed great guts to grind his way upwards into the mist and the finish which is 524m above sea level!

Again there were plenty of memorable moments including getting lost, getting caught in a thunderstorm and also an amusing altercation with an Irish car driver who took exception to Dave Harrison relieving himself in the hedge. He had a strong accent but we think he was saying something about a small rod!

Overall though we had another good day and the group bonded well. This challenge was always going to be tough but to make it worthwhile you need to be tested and we certainly have been so far. As we snaked our way into Manchester we were heckled by a few Manchester United fans on their way home but it was a small price to pay after a long day in the saddle.

Tomorrow will be another challenge as we travel 88 miles to Nottingham but I am sure there will be more fun travelling in group 3!



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