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Day 4

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Rain and wind cannot dampen our spirits

Two words summed up today’s ride for me – rain and wind. We left Trent Bridge at 8.30am into a sky full of rain and I don’t mind admitting that it wasn’t very pleasant. Before you say anything I know that I am Welsh, I know that it rains a lot in Wales but I am not normally riding my bike in the rain and it was a shock to the system. However I did not hear a whine or moan from anybody and that sums up the spirit of our group – head down and get on with it!

After an excellent lunch at Leicestershire CCC and a chance to dry our clothes in the changing room drier we headed for Northampton. However it was soon apparent that although our clothes came back warmer they weren’t much drier but again we dug in and got on with the job. It was starting to get tough though and the effects of the previous 3 days were beginning to kick in as the wind began to increase. It was pretty bleak but we powered on towards our target as we hoped to beat group 2 back to the finish and also arrive back in daylight – a feat we had failed to achieve on the first 3 days. Riding in the wind was tricky as it knocks you off balance but we all managed to work together as a team to help share the load under the watchful eye of leader Maynard.

The race was on and we decided to cut back on our rest breaks but this brought into question one of the main issues of the week – ladies toilets! We have 3 extremely strong and gutsy ladies in our group – Mrs G, Mrs P and Miss Bell. Whereas us gentleman tend to find a bush or wall to relieve ourselves it is obviously not so easy for the female members of the group. Today they were sent on a stealth mission and managed to use the toilets in a local rugby club without getting noticed entering and exiting via an open kitchen door. Well done ladies!

It was a great feeling to beat Group 2 back to Northampton CCC to applause from the thousands waiting for us (yes I am exaggerating) and the welcome was much appreciated after a wet and windy day. Tomorrow we leave bright and early to try to enter Lords at 5pm for a grandstand finish. Please wish us luck and keep donating to the Big Bike Ride in aid of the PCA Benevolent Fund and the Tom Maynard Trust!

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