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Getting Tough For Tom

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Our very own Ceri Maynard recently went through a ‘Getting Tough For Tom’ experience at the Tough Mudder in May, in which she and a dozen of Tom’s friends  took on a twelve mile course packed with 20 formidable obstacles, 50,000 litres of mud and 40 tons of ice in a gruelling race to the finish line.

I know…. Why would you?  Well it was all in aid of raising money for the Trust set up in her brother’s name.

All 13 finished.  They’re pictured all clean and shiny at the start line.

You can see them all getting gradually dirtier by watching the full 28-minute film, put together by Barry Topping-Morris, by clicking the link below.  But if you’re easily offended by swearing, be warned – this sort of challenge isn’t one for the faint-hearted and there’s a bit of language which reflects that…


To date the group have raised over £3,000 for the Trust, which is a fantastic effort.  You can still donate by visiting


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