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PFA ‘Making The Transition’ Programme

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June 5th and 6th saw the Professional Footballers’ Association (PFA)  hold its ‘Making The Transition’ (MTT) course, which took place at Quorn Grange Hotel in Loughborough. MTT is supported by the Tom Maynard Trust, 2017 being the fourth year we have been able to help.  It is the first year of a new three-year agreement between the Trust and the PFA.

Like all sportspeople, footballers face an important transition at the end of their professional careers, which are not always long and are often curtailed through injury or other reasons.  The PFA is around to support them and help them plan for that transition, this course being an important one, covering a variety of ways in which to advise players.

While playing, many decisions are made for players by coaches, managers, agents and other advisors.  Outside the football bubble, however, it’s very different and they are expected to make their own choices, about education, employment, and financial planning.

The MTT course enables footballers from all backgrounds to gain a greater understanding of the key transition issues affecting elite performers and encourages them to explore new challenges and opportunities. It is a residential two-day workshop which helps to explore the athlete identity and how it impacts upon the transition process; identify players’ strengths and match them to the most appropriate career options; plan their career pathway; develop effective networks; and reassess their finances and plan prudently.

The Trust is proud to be partnering with the PFA in helping footballers in this way.

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