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PFA’s Making the Transition Programme Completes its Fourth Year

By July 13, 2018March 14th, 2019No Comments

Last month saw the Professional Footballers’ Assocation (“PFA”) hold its fourth annual ‘Making The Transition’ workshop, an initiative which is supported by the Tom Maynard Trust.

The funding, which still has another two years to run, enables the PFA’s Education Department to support current and former players through the difficult transition from elite sport to a further career beyond football.

The course took place at the Leicester Marriott hotel on 18th June.

PFA Education Executive Paul Raven commented:

“We are delighted that The Tom Maynard Trust has again helped footballers preparing for athlete transition and it is great to know that so many have benefited because of Tom’s legacy and memory.  The PFA really values the relationship and appreciates the support.”

For the Trust, Mike Fatkin said:

“It’s good to know that the Trust is helping to make a real difference for professional footballers.  We work across a number of different sports to support career transitions and awareness programmes and we’re very proud to have established such a strong relationship with the PFA, who do an amazing job for their members.”


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