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Shantry to Swim the Channel for the Tom Maynard Trust

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Former Glamorgan seam bowler Adam Shantry has committed to swimming the English Channel in 2013 to raise funds for the Tom Maynard Trust.

The 30-year-old, a former playing colleague of Tom’s, who was signed for Glamorgan by Tom’s father Matthew in 2008, aims to raise a five figure sum to be shared between the Tom Maynard Trust and the PCA Benevolent Fund.  He will be joined on the swim by two friends: former Warwickshire seamer, Tom Mees, and Emma Lawson.  The swim will take place in a window between 25th September and 2nd October 2013, subject to the most favourable tide around that time.

Adam Shantry said:

“Having played with Tom, and worked under Matthew, I really wanted to do something to raise some money for the Trust.  After having to finish playing due to chronic knee injuries myself I also see it as a great opportunity to help the PCA, who were really good to me when I was forced to retire.  Obviously with knee problems I couldn’t realistically join in with any of the cycling projects and running was out of the question as well.  I’m a keen swimmer and this just came to me as a really good fundraising idea. 

We’ve been given a week’s window and we’ve sorted out all the logistical support issues.  The success rate from solo swimmers is relatively low and as I didn’t want to let the Trust down in any way we agreed it would be a good idea for three of us to swim it in relay format, an hour at a time in turn.  I’m really grateful to Tom and Emma for agreeing to help me.  We’re confident we can raise a significant sum and I hope we can provide some publicity for the work the Trust is doing as the challenge draws nearer.”

Matthew Maynard said:

“What a fantastic gesture. Shants has always been a bit off the wall, but I suppose if he can’t cycle or run then this is about as big a challenge as you can get!  He tells me they’re only allowed to wear basic swimsuit, cap and goggles so it’s going to be pretty cold in there.  He also says there are 700 commercial ship movements, basking sharks and, depending on tides, they may end up having to wade through 25 miles: even in relay that’s quite some effort.  I take my hat off to the three of them and I’m really grateful to them for showing such commitment.  The whole venture deserves to raise a lot of money.  But much as though I enjoy getting involved in some of these ventures, I think this is one I’ll be watching from a safe distance!”

To sponsor Shants please click here to go to his Justgiving page.



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