Tom Maynard Trust

The Story So Far & Where We Go From Here…

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With the announcement that the Trust intends to scale back its activities and wind down its fundraising, the Trustees wanted to provide a comprehensive overview of what the charity has been able to achieve since it was formed in 2012, listing individual beneficiaries across a range of sports, details of the various education projects we have been delighted to support, and drawing attention to the players we have been privileged to have taken through the Academy programme.

There is an enormous amount of detail here, but we are extremely proud of everything that we have been able to do to help so many people and organizations, all in Tom’s name.

We also wanted to explain the way the Board of Trustees has operated: who we are, what we do, how we arrived at our decisions.  Given the decision to adopt a lower profile after next summer, we thought it was important to set out our thinking in terms of how we arrived at that outcome. The Trustees had a series of options open to them and this document highlights these and why we eventually opted to do what we’re planning to do.

Finally we wanted to explain in a bit more detail why we chose to go with the main legacy project: the dedicated net area in Tom’s name at Sophia Gardens. There were all sorts of choices we could have made from the ideas presented to us but this one provided the best fit and is one we think best reflects Tom’s personality and character and offers the most fitting way in which to remember him.

There is a separate news item on the website which summarizes our plans. This document contains a detailed history of what we’ve been able to achieve, who we’ve helped, and where we go from here.

Happy reading!


1          Introduction

The Tom Maynard Trust is a charity that was established in 2012 following the untimely death of Surrey and former Glamorgan professional cricketer Tom Maynard in June of that year.  It was created largely from the funds generated by donations to what was anticipated as a one-off fundraising cycle ride from Glamorgan Cricket’s home in Sophia Gardens, Cardiff, to the Kia Oval in South London, home of Surrey Cricket, these being the two county clubs that Tom represented.

The Trust was set up with a suggested shelf life of 55 months (55 having been Tom’s squad number at Surrey). At their first meeting the Trustees also agreed on a potential fundraising target of £250,000, at which point they would review activities and determine whether to continue.

The initial objects agreed with the Charity Commission were to help the development of aspiring disadvantaged cricketers and other sportspeople who required support with different aspects of their career development, including bursaries, help with training and education, financial support for overseas placements and assistance with kit and equipment.

Those objects were refined after one year and extended to include support for education and development programmes across a number of professional sports and, for five years, the running of an annual Tom Maynard Academy in Spain.

Financial support for grants solely for education, other than the one-off Millfield School scholarship project (on which more below), was soon dropped.  The number of inquiries and the amounts being requested were beyond the budget and the Trustees agreed that in order to be seen to be consistent such awards should be exceptional.

The total amount distributed over the period the Trust has been in place is now well in excess of £500,000.

This funding has helped individual recipients fulfil their potential as well as contributing more widely to the benefit of local communities, supporting individual mental health and helping with the education of sportspeople and the development of sport.

Although there have been instances where support has been provided for athletes and sportspeople outside the age range, the overwhelming majority (94%) of individuals who have benefited from support have fallen in the 16-24 age group.

Grant applications were opened in August 2012, with every application since then vetted to check it fitted the criteria that the Trust had set, to ensure that applicants were eligible, were on some form of performance pathway in their sport and that their applications were supported with an appropriately qualified referee or sponsor.  The Trustees then determined whether to award a grant and, if so, the value of that award.  There have been isolated instances of individual grants of £2,000 but the majority (92%) have fallen within a range from £250 to £1,500.

Of the individual grant applications received, 82 awards were made in some form or another, with 14 turned down as being ineligible.

Further information on the different areas of work, individual grants and other awards made, is contained elsewhere in this document.


2          The Trustees

Board meetings of the trustees are chaired by Martyn Ryan, with the secretariat functions provided by another of the trustees, Mike Fatkin.  Brief biographies of the current trustees are included below.

The original group included Jason Ratcliffe, then Deputy Chief Executive of the Professional Cricketers’ Association.  He left that organization in 2017 and was replaced as a Trustee of the Tom Maynard Trust by Ian Thomas, also a senior employee of the PCA, in November of that year.  There have been no other Trustee changes.

The Trustees wish to acknowledge the valuable contribution of Jon Rees, Director at SBL Carston Accountants, who have provided accountancy support services, including the production and submission of annual financial statements, at no cost to the Trust.

In addition to the Trustees, there have been four Patrons who have assisted the charity through their profile and status as international sportsmen.  These are Andrew Flintoff, Jason Gillespie, Michael Vaughan and Rhys Williams.  The Trustees are grateful to each of them for their support since the charity was first established in 2012.

The five Trustees are:

  • Martyn Ryan

Martyn is a former Partner and Chief Operating Officer at Genesis Investment Management, having joined them in 1994 after holding positions with Chuo Trust International, Kitcat & Aitken, Morgan Grenfell and Schroders. A Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, Martyn is a Director at Cardiff Blues and a former player and administrator with London Welsh RFC.  In between his commitments to the Blues he also sits on the board of Welsh National Opera.  Originally from Penarth, he divides his time between London and Cardiff.

  • Richard Thompson

Richard is Chairman of M&CSaatchi and also Chairman of Surrey Cricket and Oval Events Ltd, Debrett’s People of Today and the Mama Group PLC, the UK’s largest independent music and live venue and festivals business. He sits on the NSPCC Sports & Entertainment board and has previously been a member of the Management Board of the England and Wales Cricket Board. He rode in the original Trust Cardiff to Oval bike ride in 2012 and in both of the first two PCA/Trust Big Bike Rides in October 2013 and October 2015. He lives in Wimbledon.

  • Ian Thomas

Ian was on the Glamorgan playing staff from 1997 to 2005, playing a significant part in helping the county to win two one-day titles, in 2002 and 2004, also scoring the first televised domestic Twenty20 century. He joined the Professional Cricketers’ Association in 2006 and is currently its Director of Development and Welfare, managing the delivery of the PCA’s personal development and welfare programme via a team of regional managers. He also looks after the day-to-day running of the PCA Benevolent Fund charity. He lives between Cardiff and his home town, Newport.

  • Matt Maynard

Matt played for Glamorgan from 1985 to 2005, winning three one-day titles, scoring a century in a Lord’s Final in 2000, and captaining the county to its third County Championship title in 1997. He represented England in four Test matches and 14 One-Day Internationals. He was Assistant Coach when England regained the Ashes in 2005 for the first time in 18 years and enjoyed a highly successful two years as Head Coach of the Nashua Titans in South Africa from 2011 to 2013, winning four-day and one-day titles.  A former Director of Cricket at Somerset, he has also coached the St Lucia Zouks in the Caribbean T20 competition and is now Glamorgan’s Head Coach. He lives in Pentyrch, just outside Cardiff.

  • Mike Fatkin

Mike worked at Glamorgan Cricket from 1986 to 2008, the last 13 years as Chief Executive. He is also a former CEO of Welsh Netball. Having qualified with a Distinction in a Masters in HR Management, he is an Associate of the CIPD and now runs his own business – Highbury Management – working as an organisation development consultant advising businesses on strategic and personnel matters.  As the Trust’s Company Secretary he provides the primary administrative support for the charity, looking after all banking, compliance, grant applications, external liaison and website and social media.

3          The Role of the Board

The Board consists of the five Trustees, who have each undertaken their roles in a voluntary capacity and worked enthusiastically to ensure full compliance and to provide sufficient scrutiny to ensure that all projects that were approved and funded were in line with the Trust’s overarching aims and objectives.

Members of the board established good working relationships with all third-party organizations and player associations, often visiting projects and willingly sharing their own expertise, knowledge and skills through informal advice, guidance and mentoring.

Funded projects and initiatives have been carefully monitored and reviewed diligently to ensure that as far as possible project delivery was successful, timely and in line with agreed objects, financial targets and timescales.  Trustees received regular reports and updates during meetings and were impressed and uplifted by the enthusiasm, commitment and dedication of the associated professionals, volunteers and related beneficiaries.

Trustees recognised very early on that whilst the impact of some investments would be immediate, there was a need to be patient and realise that, in some other contexts, the Trust was investing today for a longer-term impact in the future of individuals, communities and the economy.

The Board periodically reviews ongoing projects and areas of work and makes adjustments accordingly to ensure an appropriate variety and mix of individuals and organizations being supported.

4          Key Achievements + Timeline Graphic

July 2012                   Trust formally established and registered with the Charity Commission.

August 2012              Inaugural fundraising cycle from Cardiff to London. First Trustees’ meeting.

September 2012       First individual grants approved and distributed.

February 2013           First sponsorship of the Professional Cricketers’ Association’s annual Rookie Camp.

July 2013                   First annual fundraising cricket match at St Fagans Cricket Club.

September 2013       First Tom Maynard Ball run at the Kia Oval. £80k eventually raised to support the establishment of a scholarship at Millfield School.

October 2013            First ‘Big Bike Ride’ run in conjunction with the PCA’s charity, from Durham to Lord’s, raises £125k.

February 2014           First of five Tom Maynard Academy cohorts, with ten days at the Desert Springs resort in Spain.

August 2014              First Gunn and Moore bursary announced, with £1k in equipment to a nominated academy player from Glamorgan and Surrey.

October 2015            Second ‘Big Bike Ride’ from Truro to The Kia Oval in London.

May 2017                  First grant to the Professional Players’ Federation to help support the Mental Health Charter for Sport.

October 2017            Third ‘Big Bike Ride’ from Edgbaston, Birmingham, to Cardiff.  A total of over £300,000 was raised from the three rides.

November 2017       Jason Ratcliffe replaced as a Trustee by Ian Thomas.

February 2018           Fifth and final Tom Maynard Academy in Spain takes place.

March 2019               Netball and Horse Racing join Rugby Union, Football, Golf and Rugby League as sports whose awareness programmes the Trust has supported.

June 2019                  Seventh annual St Fagans Cricket Club fundraiser generates a record £22,500.

August 2019              Landmark of £500,000 distributed is reached.

October 2019            Joint Three Peaks Challenge – Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdon – undertaken with the PCA, with £55,000 raised.

May 2021                  Announcement made about plans for the Trust’s main legacy project at Sophia Gardens, Cardiff, in Tom’s name.

October 2021            Matt Maynard undertakes final major fundraiser for the Trust with his ‘Wellyman Walking’ challenge, walking from Cardiff to Colwyn Bay via the Welsh three peaks.

5          Individual Grants Awarded

  • In Date Order
  • Figures equate to GB£ sterling
  • Asterisk indicates that the individual went on to play First Class/List ‘A’/Women’s Regional cricket.
  • Where two figures shown, the second one denotes a follow up award was made.

*David Lloyd                           Cricket             Glamorgan                                           2000

*Matt Dunn                            Cricket             Surrey                                                    2000

*George Edwards                    Cricket             Surrey/Lancashire                             2000

Eddie Knight                           Cricket             Surrey Board                                        1000/500

Cliff Schwauber                      Athletics          North Wales                                           750

*Scott Phillips                         Cricket             Gloucestershire                                   1500

Gem Collin                              Cricket             Somerset Board                                     750

Providence Cowdrill               Cricket             Hampshire Women’s/Girls’               500

*Ella Chandler                         Cricket             Hampshire Women’s/Girls’                   400

*Louis Kimber                         Cricket             Lincolnshire/Nottinghamshire Board  1250

Matt Homes                            Cricket             Surrey Board                                         1000/750

Thomas Bevan                         Cricket             Cricket Wales                                        1500

Connor Cody                          Cricket             Surrey Board                                         1000

Tom Costley                            Cricket             Oxfordshire/Gloucestershire Board    1000

*Cameron Herring                  Cricket             Gloucestershire/Glamorgan MCCU     1250

*Fynn Hudson-Prentice          Cricket             Sussex (later Derbyshire)                      1000

Brandon Gilmour                    Cricket             Gloucestershire                                    1500/575

Joe Barrett                              Cricket             Gloucestershire Board                             500

Marc Lezar                              Cricket             Gloucestershire Board                             500

*Tom Smith                             Cricket             Gloucestershire Board/Glamorgan        500

*Kiran Carlson                         Cricket             Glamorgan                                           1000

*Prem Sisodiya                       Cricket             Glamorgan                                           1000

Freya Christie                          Tennis             LTA, GB Federation Cup squad              500

Mujahid Ilyas                          Cricket             Glamorgan Academy                           1000

*Jamie Porter                          Cricket             Essex                                                       750

*Callum Taylor                        Cricket             Essex                                                     1250

*Greg Holmes                         Cricket             Glamorgan MCCU                                  710

Thomas O’Connor                  Cricket             Glamorgan Academy                           1125

Dan Bowser                            Cricket             Devon, England Learning Disability       750

*Hugh Bernard                       Cricket             Kent Academy/England Under-19s       500

Bradley Currie                         Cricket             Dorset Board                                          525

Jan Gray                                  Cricket             Kent Academy/England Pathway           750

Rose Ball                                 Cricket             Devon/England Development               1000

*Alex Barrow                           Cricket             Somerset                                                 750

*Patrick Grieshaber                 Cricket             Gloucestershire                                      450

Ismat Khan                              Cricket             Afghanistan                                            900

Uzi Qureshi                             Cricket             Glamorgan MCCU                                  350

Gabe Williams-Rumble           Basketball       South Gloucs College/Wales                1000

*Matt Taylor                            Cricket             Gloucestershire                                      750

*Emily Windsor                       Cricket             Hampshire Pathway, London                 750

*Lewis Goldsworthy                Cricket             Cornwall/Somerset                                 250

*Connor Brown                       Cricket             Glamorgan                                             550/600

Harry Hovey                            Cricket             Hampshire Performance Pathway          750

Emma Goddard                      Golf                 LPGA Tour                                             1500

*Roman Walker                      Cricket             Glamorgan Under-17s/Academy           244/800

*James Sykes                           Cricket             Leicestershire                                          900

Lleucu George                        Cricket             Cricket Wales Under-17s Girls                 750

Oliver Pugsley                         Cricket             Devon Board                                          200

*Adam Hose                           Cricket             Somerset (later Warwickshire)                 750

*Tom Hampton                      Cricket             Gloucestershire                                      500

Elynor Backstedt                     Cycling             Welsh Cycling/GB                                 1125/675

Megan Chard                         Cycling             Welsh Cycling/GB                                 1125

Amy Cole                                Cycling             Welsh Cycling/GB                                   500

Tom Davis                               Cricket             Kent Academy                                         712.50

Peter Kibble                            Cycling             Welsh Cycling/GB                                   500     

*Jack Murphy                          Cricket             Glamorgan                                             750

Tom Murphy                           Cricket             Glamorgan Academy                             750

Zoe Backstedt                         Cycling             Welsh Cycling                                         375

Angel Pope                             Taekwondo     Welsh Taekwondo                                  500

Umar Malik                             Cricket             Glamorgan Academy                             120

Andy Leigh                             Cycling             British Cycling                                       1250

Milo Ayers                               Cricket             Gloucestershire                                      500

Isabelle Hudson                      Cricket             Leicestershire Girls’ Pathway                  200

*Jack Plom                              Cricket             Essex                                                       500

Kazi Szymanski                       Cricket             Glamorgan                                           1250

*Kieron Bull                            Cricket             Glamorgan                                             600

*Jeremy Lawlor                       Cricket             Glamorgan                                             600

*Owen Morgan                       Cricket             Glamorgan                                             600

*Greg Willows                         Cricket             Gloucestershire Academy                      400

Liam Naylor                            Cricket             Scotland Under-19s                               675

Tom Couzens                          Cycling             National Pathway                                   400

Sophie Thomas                       Cricket             Cricket Wales Girls’ Pathway                1250

*Ben Allison                            Cricket             Essex                                                       600

*Stuart Whittingham              Cricket             Gloucestershire and Scotland                450

Steffan Crimp                         Cricket             Cricket Wales                                          500/500

                                                                                                            (75 people)     64736.50

Ed Jackson                                                                                                                    2500

Cardiff & Vale Orchestras                                                                                             2000    

TOTAL AWARDED                                                                                                      69236.50

6          Beneficiaries of the Tom Maynard Academy

Intake 1           2014

(All have played first class or county cricket)

Andy Carter (Nottinghamshire), Tom Curran (Surrey), George Edwards (Surrey), Cameron Herring (Gloucestershire), Greg Holmes (Cardiff MCCU), Fynn Hudson-Prentice (Sussex, now Derbyshire), Rob Keogh (Northamptonshire), Mattie McKiernan (Lancashire, now Derbyshire), Dewi Penrhyn-Jones (Glamorgan), Aaron Thomason (Warwickshire, now Sussex), Jon Webb (Warwickshire)

Intake 2           2015

(All Played county cricket except Erasmus)

Alex Barrow (Somerset), Bradley Erasmus (Surrey), Jack Murphy (Glamorgan), Liam Norwell (Gloucestershire, now Warwickshire), Jamie Porter (Essex), Matt Taylor (Gloucestershire), Sukhjit Singh (Warwickshire), Jordan Thompson (Yorkshire), Adam Tillcock (Nottinghamshire), Andrew Umeed (Warwickshire), Alex Wakely (Northamptonshire), Chris Wood (Hampshire)

Intake 3           2016

(All Played county cricket except Jenner & Jones)

Usman Arshad (Durham), Lukas Carey (Glamorgan), Ben Duckett (Northamptonshire, now Nottinghamshire), Jake Goodwin (Hampshire), Tom Hampton (Gloucestershire), Jamie Harrison (Durham), Ryan Higgins (Middlesex, now Gloucestershire), Jonty Jenner (Sussex), Chris Jones (Surrey), Harry Podmore (Middlesex), Ed Pollock (Warwickshire), Tim Rouse (Somerset)

Intake 4           2017

(All Played county cricket except Callum Gregory & Jafri)

Josh Bohannon (Lancashire), Connor Brown (Glamorgan), Graham Clark (Durham), Ollie Currill (Gloucestershire), Ryan Davies (Somerset), Harry Dearden (Leicestershire), Callum Gregory (Gloucestershire), Lewis Gregory (Somerset), Asher Hart (Hampshire), Rafeh Jafri (Surrey), Oli Pike (Cardiff MCCU), Jamie Porter (Essex)

Intake 5           2018

(All played county cricket except Gough & Oxley)

Hugh Barnard (Kent), Kieron Bull (Glamorgan), Lukas Carey (Glamorgan), Ollie Currill (Gloucestershire), Liam Gough (Unattached), Miles Hammond (Gloucestershire), Rob Keogh (Northamptonshire), Tom Moores (Nottinghamshire), Nick Oxley (Sussex), Billy Root (Nottinghamshire, now Glamorgan), Tim Rouse (Somerset), Roman Walker (Glamorgan)

The four players whose names are in bold type were subsequently selected for England. At the time of writing (August 2021), Curran has played in 2 Test matches, 28 One-Day Internationals and 30 Twenty20 Internationals; Duckett has played in 4 Test matches, 3 One-Day Internationals and 1 Twenty20 International; and Gregory has played in 3 One-Day Internationals and 9 Twenty20 Internationals. Jamie Porter, although he didn’t make the final XI on the occasions he was picked for the Test squad, has won two County Championship titles with Essex and was one of Wisden’s five cricketers of the year for 2018.

7          Education and Awareness Programmes

The Trust has supported seven different sports with a variety of education and player and athlete awareness courses.  The first of these was the Professional Cricketers’ Association’s annual ‘Rookie Camp’ for first year contracted county players, in 2012.  There has also been support for the Professional Players’ Federation, the body which provides overarching support for player associations in the UK, with mental health awareness and careers transition projects.  Some of these and potentially other new education projects will continue into 2022 and, if funding permits, beyond.

A summary of the support the charity has been able to provide is shown below.


£59,000 committed, £54,000 paid over

–           Professional Cricketers’ Association – Rookie Camp 2013-22

Rugby Union

£59,750 committed, £55,750 paid over

–          Rugby Players’ Association (England) – Academy Induction Day 2013-21 (£37,250 paid, £1,000 to be paid in 2021)

–          Welsh Rugby Players’ Association/WRU – U-20 & U-18 Wales Squads 2015-17 High Performing Parents, Mental Health Support & Women’s Game (£7,000 paid, further £2,000 to be paid)

–           Rugby Players’ Ireland – Provinces, Women’s Squad 2016-18, Rookie Camp 2019-21 (£11,500 paid, £1,000 to be paid)

   Rugby League

£7,000 committed, £7,000 paid over

–           League 13 (RFL Players’ Union) – Careers Education/Awareness 2014-16


£14,500 committed, £14,500 paid over

–           Professional Footballers’ Association (Scotland) – Careers Education/Awareness 2014 (£2,500 paid)

–           Professional Footballers’ Association (England) – Making the Transition course 2014-19 (£12,000 paid)


£7,000 committed, £7,000 paid over

–           Ladies European Tour – Player Careers Support Programme 2017-19


£3,500 committed, £3,500 paid over

–           Netball Players’ Association – Player Induction 2019, Mental Health Awareness and support 2020, additional grant to support young players’ coaching courses 2020

Horse Racing

£4,000 committed, £3,000 paid over

–           Jockeys’ Education & Training Scheme – production of Driving Awareness film 2019, Substance Abuse film 2020, Jockey Lifestyle workbook 2022


£25,000 committed, £23,000 paid over

–           Professional Players’ Federation – Mental Health Charter 2016-18, Athlete Careers Transition Week 2019-22

Total Committed: £179,750 (£167,750 paid over)

8          Other Projects Supported

In addition to grants, the Academy and education programmes in sport, the Trustees have also supported several other projects.

A total of £8,500 was awarded, in three separate payments over a period of three years, to Challenge Aid, a charity based in West Wales which specializes in providing young children in Kenya and Tanzania with the opportunity to escape a lifetime of poverty by improving their job prospects and increasing their self-esteem. The money donated by the Trust supported the establishment of special sporting projects to aid the development of young boys and girls in specially established Schools of Hope.

£80,000 was raised and donated, in two tranches, to Millfield School to enable the establishment of a new Tom Maynard Scholarship.  In order to establish a scholarship in perpetuity a sum in the region of £650,000 was proposed but although keen to support the idea, the Trustees felt this would be beyond the Trust’s income-generating capacity and would almost certainly have to result in the exclusion of all other projects.  However, they agreed to allow a group of school alumni to use Tom’s name to hold two dinners – the first in September 2013 – and to use 100% of the profits to support the scholarship.  There have been two recipients to date: Josh McCoy, who was on the Hampshire staff and represented England Under-19s, and Lewis Goldsworthy, an all-rounder from Cornwall who also played for England Under-19s and has gone on to play for Somerset.

In 2014 a partnership was agreed with the cricket equipment manufacturer Gunn and Moore to provide cricket equipment for one young Academy player identified by the two counties Tom Maynard represented – Glamorgan and Surrey – supporting them with bats, pads gloves and helmets for the first two years they spend on their respective academy programmes.  Three boys and four girls have so far benefited from the programme to the value of around £14,000. The partnership is funded in its entirety by Gunn and Moore.

9          Legacy Decision and Impact on Fundraising

The Maynard family has indicated that it would like to see the Trust adopting a lower profile with effect from the summer of 2022, which marks the ten-year anniversary of Tom’s passing.

In particular there is a desire to pull back from any major fundraising, though the family is keen – for as long as the organizers and the club are willing to do so – to continue with the annual St Fagans Cricket Club day, but with a more collaborative approach to promote other charities and causes, rather than the Tom Maynard Trust being the sole beneficiary.

There were discussions with the Professional Cricketers’ Association about the possibility of one final joint fundraising event in the Autumn of 2021 but the PCA has decided to proceed on its own. This was anticipated, not least because of the significant hole the Coronavirus pandemic has blown in the PCA’s ability to fundraise, and so the Trust is running its own, much less high-profile event: Matt Maynard’s ‘Wellyman Walking’ project in October 2021 (see Just Giving Wellyman Walking).

Beyond 2021 this means there will be no more big bike rides, walking challenges or other major fundraising initiatives either run exclusively by the Trust or in conjunction with the PCA or anyone else.  The annual Tom Maynard Day at St Fagans will, however, continue every Summer, raising funds for chosen charities through the Trust, for as long as both parties are happy for it to do so and it generates an appropriate return.

Over its seven years the Tom Maynard Day at St Fagans has raised profits in the region of £80,000.  Conservatively, it is reasonable to assume that for legacy purposes it will continue to generate between £5,000 to £12,000 per annum and that this sum can realistically be factored into any future planning.

The funds raised from Matt Maynard’s own personal fundraiser will be added to the existing balance and a proportion of the money used either for a one-off legacy project in 2022, or for ongoing legacy programmes, or for a combination of both (see below).

Once the main legacy plan has been finalized in more detail some further costings and projections can be made.

10        Legacy Options

The Trustees faced several options in terms of what to do with the charity when the ten-year anniversary of Tom’s death comes around in 2022.

These include:

  •  Keep going as is
  • Wind down completely
  • Tick over, identifying education and other projects and funding them in line with legacy and other income
  • Carrying out some new activities
  • Operating charity partnerships (eg joint spending of money raised each year at St Fagans)

We explore each of these in turn here in terms of what they might mean and what the attitude of the Trustees to each is.

  • Keep Going

This would entail continuing with the present situation, fundraising to meet the cost of individual grant applications and pre-agreed education and other projects.  This option has been discounted as the family has already decided it wants the charity to have a lower profile come 2022, and in any event, without significant fundraising at least every other year it would be almost impossible to sustain present levels of support for every single project and grant application.

  • Wind Down

This assumes all operations will cease in 2022, in which case any funds remaining would need to be distributed before the charity is officially closed down.  This too has been discounted as there is still a significant amount of goodwill and much good work that can be done in Tom’s name, especially as there is a willingness to continue with the annual St Fagans event. If this were the favoured option, however, any funds generated from final major events would need to be allocated to pre-agreed legacy projects as one-offs.

  • Tick Over

Ticking over means that the charity continues, but with no more major fundraising, and with a much lower profile.  If the St Fagans event goes ahead, then the profits raised each year would be added to any existing money available and that money earmarked for spending against pre-agreed legacy programmes or education projects or to support other charities or causes. Individual grants would no longer be encouraged.  The Trustees would continue in post but would need to meet only once each year to review finances, monitor progress and confirm commitments to, and progress of projects.

  • Do Something New

This will require the Trustees to look at a different modus operandi, something wholly different to 1), 2) and 3) above.  No proposal or suggestion of what this might look like has been made and there is no appetite for this going forward.

  • Charity Partnership(s)

Whilst it is not envisaged that the Trust would be formally merged with another charity it is possible that the Trustees may wish to work more closely with other charities as part of its own legacy programme, possibly with some joint fundraising at the annual St Fagans event, or through other agreed projects.

Upon consideration of each of these possibilities and discussions with the family the Trustees have agreed that the third is the preferred recommendation put forward from these options, with some element of the fifth factored into any legacy planning.

11        Legacy Ideas

The Trustees had a number of possibilities open to them in terms of choosing exactly which projects or programmes to establish or support post 2022.

A few of the ideas that were considered are listed below.  Some would require one-off support or investment, others ongoing support.  Or they could allow for a mix of the two.

  • Naming something already at the home of Glamorgan Cricket after Tom;
  • Using legacy funds to build a new facility at Glamorgan Cricket and name it after Tom;
  • Naming/sponsoring something at St Fagans;
  • Scholarship – perhaps a boy and/or girl joining the academy or full-time staff;
  • Naming an award;
  • Supporting an annual bursary based on cricketing ability and financial need;
  • Portrait;
  • Glamorgan/international match day named after Tom, where money is raised in conjunction with other charities;
  • Announcing an annual partner charity or charities and distributing part of any proceeds from the annual St Fagans event to them;
  • Sponsoring a league or a league award; and/or
  • Partnering with a different sector, or a business within a different sector.

The Trustees, after considering the Maynard family’s preferences, agreed that using legacy funds to build a new facility at the home of Glamorgan Cricket and name it after Tom was at the top of the list, provided an appropriate project could be identified and developed within budget.

12        Preferred Legacy Project

Following discussions with Glamorgan, it has been agreed to pursue the idea of a specially-created stand-alone net area to the north of the Sophia Gardens site, this area to be used on match days for young boys and girls, accompanied by a parent or friend(s), to enjoy their own ‘throw downs’ or informal nets, safely away from the general public and away from the playing area.

This facility will be named after Tom. As a youngster, Tom enjoyed a reputation as a prolific ‘throw downer’ during home Glamorgan matches, engaging family, friends, indeed often random passing supporters, in his own private net sessions on the boundary edge, and on the field of play during intervals when that was permitted.  As such, the idea of the Trust part-funding a specially-built private net area for youngsters has obvious appeal.

The Trustees are working with Glamorgan Cricket to establish a timescale and to agree final costings.  In the event that funds remain after this new facility has been built, the Trustees have agreed that these should be earmarked for ongoing and future education projects in line with existing work.

The intention has always been to produce an official legacy document, to publish it and make it available via the website, which we wanted to do prior to the final major fundraiser in October 2021, the Wellyman Walking.

With effect from the ten-year anniversary of Tom’s passing, the Trustees have agreed to explore the opportunity of working with local and other charities to make the annual St Fagans Cricket Club fundraisers more collaborative. We hope that the annual ‘Tom Maynard Day,’ now so well-established in the South Wales Summer sporting calendar, can continue beyond 2022 to generate funds to help support local individuals and initiatives.

These plans will more than likely evolve, and any significant changes to it will be publicized on the website.

The Tom Maynard Trust Trustees, August 2021


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