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Tom Maynard Trust Partners With League13

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The Tom Maynard Trust is to form an exciting new partnership with League13, which represents professional rugby league players – full time and academy – contracted to all 14 clubs in the RFL’s Super League competition.  


The partnership will see the Trust providing funding for a three-year period to help League13 with general player development, education and career planning.  The specifics have yet to be agreed but the Trust is delighted to be assisting another sport in developing young players, following partnerships already in place with the Professional Cricketers’ Association (cricket in England and Wales) and the Rugby Players’ Association (rugby union in England).

League13 is committed to helping its players focus on life after their playing career in rugby league ends in order to ensure that they engage as early as possible with career development.  It encourages players to create individual plans and work towards short, medium and long term goals in relation to education and career planning following retirement from the game.  Through the new partnership, players will be asked to look at the progression pathways for individuals, with emphasis on skills profiling, development of qualifications, identification of potential employers, the provision of experiential tasters with identified employers, work experience placements and the appropriate delivery of small business advice.


Ernie Benbow, Chief Executive of League13, said:

“We’re really grateful to the Tom Maynard Trust for providing support for us in this way.  Although we’re a relatively young association compared to the two with which it already works, having started as recently as 2012, we face the same challenges in trying to help young, emerging professionals deal with education and personal development issues as they make their way in the sport.  This funding will help us provide opportunities for youngsters across the 14 Superleague clubs to look seriously at their career planning, something which would be so much more difficult for us to deliver without the Trust’s support.”


Mike Fatkin, on behalf of the Tom Maynard Trust, said:

“We’re delighted to be extending our support for education and player development programmes into another sport and we look forward to a long and successful relationship with League13.  This is one of the Trust’s main areas of focus and, after the work we’ve already done with cricket and rugby union, it’s great to see rugby league coming on board.  Careers can be cut short for reasons out of the individual’s control and we are really keen to help younger professionals make provision for life after sport.  The partnerships we have will naturally differ from sport to sport but after hearing how League13 want to help their young players we are confident that our support will have a significant beneficial impact.”


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