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Trust Supports Another PFA ‘Making The Transition’ Course

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On the first weekend in June the Professional Footballers’ Association (PFA) held their popular ‘Making the Transition’ course at The Belfry golf resort in Warwickshire.

This is one of several programmes across different sports which is supported by the Tom Maynard Trust and 2016 was the third year of a three-year agreement between the Trust and the PFA, with discussions well advanced in terms of extending the partnership.

The financial support the Trust provides for the ‘Making the Transition’ programme helps the PFA to support current and former players through the difficult transition from elite sport to a further career beyond football.

PFA Education Executive Paul Raven commented:

“Every elite athlete from all sports, be it football, cricket, rugby or any other, faces an important transition from active participation in their sport to a position of seeking further employment within their sport or another sector altogether.  A big issue they face is that athletes often have no idea of when exactly retirement beckons.  Sport often retires the athlete rather than the other way around.  Therefore transition training, advice and support is essential.  We are delighted that the Tom Maynard Trust has supported footballers through this period and it is great to know that so many have benefitted as a result of Tom’s legacy and memory.”

On behalf of the Trust, Mike Fatkin said:

“We are really pleased to see that these programmes are having such a beneficial impact.  The PFA’s education team does a fantastic job in trying to support players in terms of careers advice, training and personal development, an area of particular interest to us all at the Trust.  We have a really positive relationship with the PFA and I’m sure that relationship will continue to grow over the next few years.”


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