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Trust to Scale Back Fundraising

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The Tom Maynard Trust has confirmed that with effect from the summer of 2022, which will mark the ten-year anniversary of Tom’s passing, it intends to adopt a lower profile.  It is also able to announce outline plans for its primary legacy project.

In accordance with the wishes of the family it has been decided to pull back from any major fundraising, though the family is keen – for as long as the organizers and the club are willing to do so – to continue with the annual St Fagans Cricket Club day, though with the focus being on working in conjunction with other chosen charities, rather than with the Trust being the sole beneficiary.

Matt Maynard’s ‘Wellyman Walking’ project in October 2021 (see Just Giving Wellyman Walking) will therefore be the last major fundraiser undertaken by the charity.  This means there will be no more big bike rides, walking challenges or other major fundraising initiatives either run exclusively by the Trust or in conjunction with the PCA or anyone else.

The St Fagans event in the Summer of 2022 will therefore be the last one with the Tom Maynard Trust as the sole beneficiary. Beyond that, whilst it is hoped there will continue to be an annual Tom Maynard Day at St Fagans, the fundraising will be more collaborative and the profits will be shared with other carefully-selected charities.

The funds raised from Matt Maynard’s own personal fundraiser will be added to the existing balance and a proportion used to go towards a one-off legacy project.

Tom had a reputation as a youngster of constantly wanting to play cricket and the family has many happy memories of him playing on the outfield at Sophia Gardens during intervals and on the boundary edge while play was going on. In collaboration with Glamorgan Cricket, the aim is to create a special stand-alone net area to the north of the Sophia Gardens ground, this area to be used on match days for young boys and girls, accompanied by a parent or friend(s), to enjoy their own ‘throw downs’ or informal nets, safely away from the general public and away from the playing area.  This will be named after Tom.

More details of what the Trust has achieved since its inception, the work it has done, and how the Trustees arrived at their decision to support the main legacy project, can be found elsewhere on the website.

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