The Trust is delighted to have been able to help over a hundred individuals to date with either a direct grant to help them with their career development or by supporting them on the five Tom Maynard Academy programmes we have run in Spain. We are proud of each and every one of them.

Individual grants

Ben Allison (Cricket)
Milo Ayres (Cricket)
Elynor Backstedt (Cycling)
Zoe Backstedt (Cycling – pictured)
Rose Ball (Cricket)
Joe Barrett (Cricket)
Alex Barrow (Cricket)
Hugh Bernard (Cricket)
Thomas Bevan (Cricket)
Dan Bowser (Cricket)
Connor Brown (Cricket)
Kiran Carlson (Cricket – pictured)
Emma Chandler (Cricket)
Megan Chard (Cycling)
Freya Christie (Tennis)
Connor Cody (Cricket)
Amy Cole (Cycling)
Gem Collin (Cricket)
Tom Costley (Cricket)
Thomas Couzens (Cycling)
Providence Cowdrill (Cricket)
Steffan Crimp (Cricket)
Bradley Currie (Cricket)
Tom Davis (Cricket)
Matt Dunn (Cricket)

George Edwards (Cricket)
Lleucu George (Cricket)
Brandon Gilmour (Cricket)
Emma Goddard (Golf)
Lewis Goldsworthy (Cricket)
Jan Gray (Cricket)
Patrick Grieshaber (Cricket)
Tom Hampton (Cricket)
Liberty Heap (Cricket)
Cameron Herring (Cricket)
Greg Holmes (Cricket)
Tom Homes (Cricket)
Adam Hose (Cricket)
Harry Hovey (Cricket)
Isabelle Hudson (Cricket)
Fynn Hudson-Prentice (Cricket)
Mujahid Ilyas (Cricket)
Ismat Khan (Cricket)
Peter Kibble (Cycling)
Louis Kimber (Cricket)
Eddie Knight (Cricket)
Jeremy Lawlor (Cricket)
Andy Leigh (Cycling)
Rhodri Lewis (Cricket/Golf)
Marc Lezar (Cricket)
David Lloyd (Cricket)

Umar Malik (Cricket)
Jack Murphy (Cricket)
Tom Murphy (Cricket)
Liam Naylor (Cricket)
Thomas O’Connor (Cricket)
ScottPhillips (Cricket)
Jack Plom (Cricket)
Angel Pope (Taekwondo)
Jamie Porter (Cricket – pictured)
Oliver Pugsley (Cricket)
Uzi Qureshi (Cricket)
Cliff Schwauber (Athletics)
Prem Sisodiya (Cricket)
Tom Smith (Cricket)
James Sykes (Cricket)
Kazi Szymanski (Cricket)
Callum Taylor (Cricket)
Matt Taylor (Cricket)
Sophie Thomas (Cricket)
Roman Walker (Cricket)
Stuart Whittingham (Cricket)
Gabe Williams-Rumble (Basketball)
Greg Willows (Cricket)
Emily Windsor (Cricket)

Elynor Backstedt
Kiran Carlson
Jamie Porter

Academy representation

Usman Arshad (Durham)
Alex Barrow (Somerset)
Hugh Bernard (Kent)
Josh Bohannon (Lancashire)
Connor Brown (Glamorgan)
Kieron Bull (Glamorgan)
Lukas Carey (Glamorgan)
Andy Carter (Nottinghamshire)
Graham Clark (Durham)
Tom Curran (Surrey)
Ollie Currill (Gloucestershire)
Ryan Davies (Somerset (now Durham))
Harry Dearden (Leicestershire)
Ben Duckett (Northamptonshire)
George Edwards (Surrey)
Bradley Erasmus (Surrey)
Jake Goodwin (Hampshire)
Liam Gough (Essex)
Callum Gregory (Gloucestershire)
Lewis Gregory (Somerset)

Miles Hammond (Gloucestershire)
Tom Hampton (Gloucestershire)
Jamie Harrison (Durham)
Asher Hart (Hampshire)
Cameron Herring (Gloucestershire)
Ryan Higgins (Middlesex (now Gloucestershire))
Greg Holmes (Glamorgan)
Fynn Hudson-Prentice (Sussex)
Rafeh Jafri (Surrey)
Jonty Jenner (Sussex)
Chris Jones (Surrey)
Rob Keogh (Northamptonshire)
Mattie McKiernan (Lancashire)
Tom Moores (Nottinghamshire)
Jack Murphy (Glamorgan)
Liam Norwell (Gloucestershire)
Nick Oxley (Sussex)
Dewi Penrhyn-Jones (Glamorgan)
Oli Pike (Glamorgan)

Harry Podmore (Middlesex (now Kent))
Ed Pollock (Warwickshire)
Jamie Porter (Essex)
Billy Root (Nottinghamshire)
Tim Rouse (Somerset)
Sunny Singh (Warwickshire)
Matt Taylor (Gloucestershire)
Aaron Thomason (Warwickshire)
Jordan Thompson (Yorkshire)
Adam Tillcock (Nottinghamshire)
Andrew Umeed (Warwickshire)
Alex Wakely (Northamptonshire)
Roman Walker (Glamorgan)
Jon Webb (Warwickshire)
Chris Wood (Hampshire)

To apply for a grant, email